About DANC

Dance Artists’ National Collective (DANC) is a growing group of freelance dance artists organizing for action toward safe, equitable, and sustainable working conditions.

DANC was founded in 2019 after a series of focus groups and events exploring the possibility of a freelance dancers’ union and addressing other issues in the freelance dance field. The group met monthly until March 2020, when it began meeting weekly.

Our tenets:

  1. DANC is a group organized by and for its members. The primary purpose of DANC is to create safe, equitable, and sustainable working conditions for freelance dancers.
  2. DANC operates on the unionizing principle that when laborers organize together in solidarity, we can create pressure for safe and dignified working conditions and reasonable wages.
  3. DANC has no position on issues except for those positions agreed upon by a majority of its members. All goals and actions taken by DANC are determined by a majority vote of DANC membership.
  4. Anyone who self-identifies as a freelance dance artist can become a DANC member. Your signature to our solidarity statement makes you a DANC member with a vote.
  5. The DANC Steering Committee is an open group of volunteer members dedicated to contributing the regular labor necessary to keep DANC running and growing. SC members do not make crucial decisions on behalf of DANC beyond the administrative tasks required to facilitate meetings, communication, and actions determined by DANC members.
  6. DANC focuses on the working lives of freelance dancers. We focus on artists in the role of “dancer” because dancers should legally be classified as employees (not independent contractors) and, as such, can legally unionize. 

Currently, DANC is engaged in the creation of a letter of agreement template and a negotiation toolkit for freelance dancers. The construction of these documents is being done collectively, through satellite focus groups of DANC members who work to address wages, benefits, working conditions, equity, and negotiation. We anticipate a first draft of the LOA to be complete by September 2020, with several more drafts to follow.

Financial Transparency

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Current steering committee members (as of July 2020): Antuan Byers, David Gonsier, Catherine Kirk, Alex Rodabaugh, and Megan Wright

Email freelancedanceartists [at] gmail [dot] com and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.

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