DANC began with focus groups of freelance dancers hosted by Griff Braun and Evvie Allison at the American Guild of Musical Artists in 2018. After attending one of the focus groups, Alex Rodabaugh asked if AGMA would host monthly meetings for freelance dancers to discuss unionizing on a regular bases in February 2019. These meetings continued and after attending meetings regularly David Gonsier, an AGMA member and freelance dancer, joined Evvie and Alex to form Dance Artists’ National Collective as Steering Committee members. After a year of meetings, in February 2020, the Steering Committee invited Antuan Byers and Megan Wright to join the committee as well. When the COVID-19 crisis became apparent in the US in March, we began virtual weekly meetings to address issues arising for dancers suddenly shut out of employment. In July 2020, the Steering Committee expanded again to include Catherine Kirk.

The current Steering Committee consists of Catherine Kirk, Megan Wright, Antuan Byers, David Gonsier, and Alex Rodabaugh.