Current Projects

Dance Artists’ National Collective holds weekly community meetings on Zoom, Mondays from 1pm-2:30pm ET. (Sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Instagram for meeting announcements.)

To keep meetings a safe space for conversation and process, we don’t share recordings. But notes from all meetings are public, and you can find them here!

Twenty-seven faces appear in a grid of individual boxes, in four rows of six and one row of three at the bottom. They all have different backgrounds and outfits. In the top row, one person has her arms stretched above her head. In the second row, one person has his hands amplifying his mouth as he looks up, as though shouting or singing. Everyone is smiling.
Weekly community meetings look like this.

We are currently creating a letter of agreement template and a negotiation toolkit for freelance dancers.

The construction of these documents is being done collectively, through satellite focus groups of DANC members who work to address wages, benefits, working conditions, equity, and negotiation.

We anticipate a first draft of the LOA to be complete by September 2020, with several more drafts to follow.

Interested in participating in the creation of the LOA and negotiation toolkit? Come to a weekly meeting and join a focus group!

Ten smiling people appear in the individual boxes of a videoconference call. In the center of the top row, someone is holding up a pink phone in order to take a photo of her computer screen — that's the photo that appears here. The whole photo is angled a little downwards and to the right.
Focus groups look like this.

You can also add your thoughts on the issues of wages, benefits, working conditions, and standards of equity to our Dancer Input Database.

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